Wednesday November 9 2016

Livestock Productions came to us looking for ideas for their corporate event themed around a 1950’s prom. They wanted to combine cheerleading and hula hoop for a big 6 minute act as the finale of the evening after a sit down dinner.

This was a technical challenge given the stage and their requirements. We auditioned several dancers and acrobats to create a new cheerleading troupe – and brought along the three sassiest hula hoopers working in London. All the choreography and costumes were created bespoke for this event. This took 3 rehearsals as we needed it to be split second perfect.

For the routine, first we had the five cheerleaders perform a routine mixing big movements, splits, backflips and group acrobatics. Then our three hula hoopers took the centre of the stage to show off technical tricks. Finally they all came together for a big ending to create a giant tableau.

The event was a great success with a very happy client. This was a really fun commission as it allowed us to use all of our skills to create a one of a kind themed performance.