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Juggling for 10 minutes a day increases white matter in the brain which helps you to think in different ways and physically builds connections and neural pathways. Circus and performance can also be a fantastic metaphor for looking at how we work and what we could do better, individually or as part of a team.

We have worked with management consultancies and directly with companies for team building, to create social events to help foster staff engagement, or more complex programmes to connect with a large organisation and help express core values and ideas.

The nature of a circus act as a 5 minute performance with physical ability, strength, skill, music and costume means is is easy to package in a way that can be analysed. It’s also really good fun so can help make a day with some serious messages more engaging. We can also teach some of our skills in a way that is accessible for all whether it’s 50 engineers from Bristol, 500 NHS managers in Birmingham, or 100 recent graduates for a tech company in London

We’ve helped failing organisations turn things around, and award winning ones do better. Get in contact to see what we can do for your organisation, or see some of our previous work below.