High above an audience they make us feel more alive

Aerial acts used to be just for the big top; they are now appearing in different forms, in corporate and private events, in festivals and club nights, in fashion shows and PR campaigns.

Aerialists express the extremes of strength and flexibility. High above an audience they make us feel more alive as they drop twist and contort. A good aerialist will captivate the entire room, as the ultimate finale to an evening.

We can create individual acts, synchronised performances, or aerial pieces as part of bigger shows. We can liaise with a client, venue and production team to ensure feasibility and safety. All of the aerial disciplines have their own requirements, a general rule is that you need a minimum of 4metres of height and a single rigging point from the ceiling, a beam or truss.

For outside spaces or venues without rigging we have our own freestanding rig, which can be set to 5.5m or 7.5m. It is easy to transport and can be setup and taken down in less than 15 minutes.

We are also one of the few companies in the UK working with freestanding aerial hoops (aerial lollipops). This beautiful prop can be setup anywhere and is mounted from a pole. Performers can show off elegant shapes and positions, either as a big choreographed act or as a more ambient atmospheric element to the evening.

If you have any technical questions regarding aerial please give us a call or email.

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