Carousel RHPS


"I Just got back in the office and before I did anything else I wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone at Chivaree, and to all of the performers. That was such an amazing show, one that we are incredibly proud to have been a part of. It was so brilliantly cast, and so superbly run: thank you very very much.”

Lee Denny, founder: Carousel
Leefest, Camp Wildfire

An immersive club night

Halloween 2014: Carousel is an immersive club night that tells a story based on a cult film as the night unfolds. Chivaree have been working with them since their first party in 2013 and coordinate all of the circus and performance.

For Halloween 2014 we helped them turn a London venue into the iconic ball from the Rocky Horror Picture show. We selected an awesome international cast of 8 performers, worked on six big set pieces, choreographed routines, sourced costumes and rehearsed all of the acts in the space.

The show took place at intervals over a four hour period on the Friday and Saturday night. We used high level aerial and acrobatics, compering, singing, dance, character acting, fire and even drove a motorbike through the audience and up onto the stage to bring the story to life.

We stayed true to the original using songs from the musical sung live, while taking elements of cabaret to draw the thematic elements out: Rocky being born from from the tank and swinging around on a chandelier became an aerial cube routine; Eddie’s manic motorbike cameo was a motorbike and fire act with a burlesque and tap dance from our Columbia; Janet’s sexual awakening became an adagio with Rocky then a solo and duo trapeze act.

The party has gone down as a legendary one, with many people present saying it was the best party they had ever been to.