A full on production

“That show was the best circus we have ever had at Rumpus. I was genuinely moved to tears during the performance. I would LOVE to find a way - any way - of making more shows happen with you guys.”

Santiago Genochio, Director Rumpus Productions

A full on production

2nd October 2015: Rumpus is one of the wildest most hedonistic parties in the London club scene. Now in it’s sixth year they have been creating exciting, challenging, sell out events – regularly using elements of circus, cabaret and performance art.

Santiago Genochio came to us wanting to do something bigger than ever before, to make a 30 minute show on the main stage of the 2,500 capacity Coronet to be performed at midnight, the high point of the evening. The theme of the night was: The Fall of Empires.

We knew that to keep this crowd engaged we had to put together the most full on show we’ve ever done. Prior to the night we brought together a cast of fantastic high level circus performers. We created a set of costumes, a concept for the show, a narrative, a soundtrack, worked with all of our artists to create interlinking pieces, rehearsed the show, worked with the venue to ensure safety, brought in stage managers to ensure what we were going to do would run smoothly and worked with lighting engineers so that it would look as good as possible.

The show was tremendously well received and a real joy to perform, with aerialists, cyr wheel, hula hoops, pyrotechnics and lots of fire, including a custom fire aerial hoop we made especially for this show.

Check out a short video of the show here.